What is the role of an expert witness at SafeGuard?

What is the role of an expert witnessYou may ask, what is the role of an expert witness? Most noteworthy, an expert witness role is to give an opinion based on experience, knowledge and expertise. As a result an expert witness provides independent, impartial and unbiased evidence to the court or tribunal.

Furthermore,the expert’s overriding duty is to assist the court. In addition, the report supplied by the expert must include the material instructions given them.

How can we help you?

SafeGuard provides a comprehensive range of security expert services to solicitors and loss adjusters.  Also insurers, trading standards and individuals.  

We bring to bear extensive knowledge of security systems and services.  Furthermore,  we have excellant understanding of the legal process that is unequalled elsewhere. Our team of experts brings unrivalled expertise and experience.

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