Our Code of Practice

SafeGuard Code of Practice

SafeGuard are committed to the following key principles:

Quality of Service

As one of the longest established consultancies in the security field we offer a range of expertise addressing the spectrum of security disciplines. Our pedigree is reflected in an extensive and impressive client base and a high referral rate.

We combine an ideal office environment and excellent facilities with traditional attitudes and old fashioned business ethics. Our staff are dedicated to providing clients with a first class service.

Based in Dorset, our geographical spread covers the United Kingdom with frequent undertakings in the London area and includes involvement overseas with particular experience in the Middle and Far East.

In all we offer a modern, effective and flexible approach to today’s security challenges.

Need urgent advice?

Call us on 0845 894 3105 or 01258 458 261 for an initial free discussion.

Value for Money

Our fees are calculated on time taken; we do not apply an overall day rate regardless of time expended but charge an hourly rate for actual work done.
When requested and appropriate we will provide budgetary information in advance and we will honour that commitment – unless there is good reason not to –
in which case prior agreement will be sought.

A Practical Approach

We are aware that we compete in a changing and increasingly aggressive marketplace. Our organisation is geared to responding to each specific client need with efficiency and professionalism. We will listen to you and your requirements and using our extensive experience provide practical, confidential and cost effective advice free from commercial or other bias. We will not accept an assignment for which we do not have the necessary competence but will do our best to assist with an alternative source of expertise. Neither do we accept commission or payments in kind in any circumstance making us truly independent.

Why Does Independence Matter?

The fact that we have no affiliations and take no commissions from the industry means that in security consultancy assignments we are able to recommend and specify equipment most suited to a particular application, free from manufacturer or any other bias. This is important, it is all too easy for suppliers or others to build in additional costs for more expensive, unsuitable or unnecessary products when better alternatives exist and will prove more than adequate.
Our knowledge of the industry and the availability and capability of specific products for individual applications is relevant and up to date.

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Team of Experts

Use our skills to the maxmium benefit

Whether an individual, a small company or an international organisation, our approach is the same – to use our skills to the maximum benefit for the client.