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The UK’s first comprehensive expert witness service for security litigation​.

Expert witnesses are playing an increasingly important role in security related litigation, where competent and commercially sound expert advice is critical to sound preparation and assessing case merit.

With experience in all key areas of security our committed team of leading industry experts means the SafeGuard Expert Witness Service is a superior source of expert opinion.

Expert Witness Services

We know that finding well qualified experts can be a time consuming and frustrating experience. That is why SafeGuard took the lead by establishing the first comprehensive Expert Witness Service in the UK, providing access to the experienced professionals when you need them.

No other team brings you our depth of experience

We count senior security industry leaders and opinion formers within our team. Terry Hack was a founder member of the Association of Security Consultants  (ASC) and three of our experts have been long-term  Directors of the ASC.  They have also provided, and continue to provide, input to four British Standards Technical Committees.

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The SafeGuard Solution

Our team of experts brings unrivalled expertise and experience:

How you can benefit from SafeGuard’s
Expert Witness Service


We have a detailed knowledge of the legal process and experience in mediation, arbitration, pre-case advice and have acted
as Single Joint Experts (SJE).

Reliable Expertise

Our experts are highly qualified and leaders in their own fields.

Evidence in Court

One of our prime skills is clear and confident presentation in Court under pressure.

Time Saving

We act quickly to ensure the retention of important documentary evidence and identification of additional evidence under Discovery.

Fast Response

We can respond 24/7/365 to minimise the loss of crucial evidence.


Trained Experts 

We provide comprehensive and well structured reports: technical presentation is easily understood.

Cost Effective

The key issues are identified and addressed quickly and we can assess the strengths and weaknesses of a case and address only those matters which are directly relevant thus saving you time and money.

Integrity and Impartiality

Complete confidentiality and unbiased opinion is guaranteed.

Initial Appraisal

 We are willing to discuss key areas of your case prior to formal instructions without charge or obligation.

Why use SafeGuard’s Expert Witness & Litigation Service?

SafeGuard provides a comprehensive range of security expert services to solicitors, loss adjusters, insurers, trading standards and individuals. We bring to bear extensive knowledge of security systems and services with an understanding of the legal process that is unequalled elsewhere.

This unique service can fulfill the needs of multi-disciplined cases which often entail a long search for specialist skills. Now you can access the experts you need from one source – SafeGuard’s Expert Witness Service brings together leading authorities on all aspects of security saving you time and money – expertise where and when you need it.

SafeGuard – A leading consultancy in the provision of Expert Witness and Litigation services in the UK and Ireland since 1976. Our experience works for you.

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