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Our proven specialist areas of expertise

Our specialist areas of expertise are based on over four decades of undertaking risk assessments, design, specification and project management of security systems for numerous and notable clients.

This has proved invaluable in enabling us to develop a rare insight into the reasons for failure and inadequacies of design and installation standards.
This high calibre experience, together with current involvement in contemporary developments, provides the core expertise needed to provide an effective expert witness service.

Our successful service brings together leading authorities on all aspects of security to offer unequalled expertise and experience in security matters from one source – SafeGuard’s Expert Witness Service.


This scenario is one of the most frequent we encounter and SafeGuard have long and extensive experience in cases of loss from secured premises, robbery, burglary or theft, handling cases ranging from a few hundred pounds to millions of pounds.

Personal Injury/Traumatic Stress

SafeGuard’s experience covers a wide spectrum from robbery to murder. In cases involving victims of assault we utilise our detailed knowledge of Health and Safety regulations, relevant industry standards, codes of practice, assessment, police evidence and interviewing techniques. We are experienced in taking statements should this prove necessary.  

Security Aspects of Fire/Arson

This is a SafeGuard specialty. Arson poses particular difficulties – following a fire, evidence is minimal and this type of case needs highly specialised expertise. Our experts assess the systems, their operation, their state at the time of the incident and the implications thereof.

Criminal Cases

SafeGuard is frequently called upon to give expert opinion in criminal cases. You can be confident that when you use us for a criminal case you benefit from our position as leaders in the field, with excellent examination and assessment skills and a sympathetic interviewing style.

Other specialist areas:

Wider experience includes guarding assignments, cash and valuables  in store or transit, safe deposits, locks and locking mechanisms, restraint techniques, product liability, product rights and patents and matters of a more unusual nature where our expertise was sought.  More recently we have recruited experts to deal with Aviation and Aircraft security, Oil and Gas explosions, Tiger Kidnap, Tracking Measures and Thermal CCTV (VSS).

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Technical Competence

SafeGuard are exceptionally well qualified to provide expertise covering each area of security and related activities.
Specialist sectors include:

SafeGuard Expertise - A Summary

Security Systems and Services: the quality and range of expertise is the product of our long practical experience in risk assessment, design, specification and management of security. This consultancy experience provides a unique insight into reasons for failure and inadequacies of design, installation or operation.

Technical Competence: the key to competence lies in the depth and range of relevant technical knowledge and capability. SafeGuard’s team is qualified to cover each area of security and related activities. Specialist sectors include intruder alarm systems, access control, CCTV, physical, perimeter manned services, signalling and communication services and central stations.

Documentation and Standards: Documentation and Standards: our work with industry lead bodies, inspectorates, training organisations and membership of British Standards Institution (BSI) committees has given us an unrivalled knowledge of industry standards, codes of practice, quality schemes and contractual agreements. This knowledge is used extensively in the preparation of Discovery Lists, compliance with relevant standards and contractual matters.

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