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Sally Cadec

Sally Cadec


Your first point of contact for all enquiries

Sally Cadec is a Director of SafeGuard.  Managing the offices she is first point of contact for any enquiries.

Background and Experience

A Director of SafeGuard, Sally joined SafeGuard in 2005, following a varied career, which has included personnel management, primary school teacher, welfare officer and Army officer, both at home and abroad and on operational duties.   Consistent feedback as being highly motivated, efficient and personable, she is a multi-tasker who thrives on challenges in new areas.  Throughout her later career she was responsible for ensuring and maintaining the physical security of military establishments including access control and search routines, the well being, welfare and security of military and civilian personnel, handling of classified documentation, the security of IT systems, armouries and stores, secure communications, safes and cash handling including cash in transit. Working at the highest levels she has undertaken numerous security audits and has regularly re-assessed, refreshed or produced Operating Procedures as appropriate.

Her inherent analytical skills and wide experience of strategic planning, risk management and training enable her to quickly identify the key issues and to advise appropriately and objectively. She is well versed and adept at dealing discreetly with a wide range of personnel of all backgrounds and ages.

Sally manages the office and is the first point of contact for any enquiries.

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