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Geoff Williams

Patrick Geoffrey Williams


 BSc MCIL JP, Cyber Security, Industrial Control Systems Security, Homeland Security and
Technical Intelligence & Security functions

An Associate of SafeGuard, Patrick Geoffrey (Geoff) Williams, has over 40 years experience within the Ministry of Defence, Electronics and Defence & Security industries, in a wide variety of technical intelligence and security roles at the highest levels.  He is a qualified Russian, Turkish and German linguist

Background and Experience

Geoff joined SafeGuard in 2017 to provide expert witness and litigation services in the areas of cyber security, industrial control systems security, risk analysis, homeland security and Technical Intelligence & Security functions. Geoff’s skills have particular emphasis on electronic and imagery based surveillance, aviation industry cyber security, linguistic based security investigations and business resilience.

In 2008 Geoff joined Airbus Group Innovations, direct from a Ministry of Defence Intelligence and Security role, to create a new research and innovation sector in Homeland Security and Cyber Security.  This was a successful venture leading to the development of very specific business lines internationally for cyber security and industrial control systems security.  Both areas have specific national impact and are considered vital factors in protecting national critical infrastructures.

Most recently Geoff devised, organised and led the Airbus Group presence in the US based Aviation Information Sharing and Analysis Centre (A-ISAC).  Representing the Airbus Group, he worked with Boeing, GD Aviation, numerous international airlines and US National Agencies to help develop the Aviation Sector cyber security threat sharing system and to promote the  detection of counterfeit electronic components in the supply chain.

Additional projects undertaken within the Defence Aerospace industry, and in collaboration with academia, have included devising, managing and leading research programmes for innovative virtual reality based operations and cyber security centres, cyber security critical infrastructure analysis and, in a more applied electronics context, speech to text applications for use in aircraft cockpits.

Geoff’s career has involved direct liaison and collaboration with various Governments and Military ‘chains of command’ to the highest level.  As an enabler for such high level collaboration, Geoff also speaks Russian, German and Turkish.

Geoff’s strengths include an ability to grasp the factors of technical questions very quickly, an imaginative application of technologies in innovative scenarios, strategy and programme development and the ability to adapt very quickly to working in multinational environments at all levels.

Geoff holds a BSc Degree and relevant Cyber Security, Electronics Engineering, Systems Engineering and Project Management Qualifications.  He is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists. 

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